TOY Cristina Valcarcel-Mikijanic 2017

TOY Cristina Valcarcel-Mikijanic 2017

I encourage students to be physically active by sharing the ways I am physically active and helping them find an activity that they enjoy, or resources to help them become involved in that activity. My students and I use Twitter to share with each different ways we are physically active. I run after school fitness classes for the staff and also run an after school physical activity/academic support club called Stay Balanced. Students learn to be compassionate and respectful citizens in class by exhibiting sportsmanship and being sensitive to the needs of other students.

Lessons are student centered and fun. They were created to make students who haven’t necessarily felt successful in Health and PE in the past, feel successful and feel invested in their own health and fitness. Lessons are structured using the Problem Based Learning approach so students use personal examples of problems related to the health topic, and find solutions to those problems. By using this approach students also learn how to be better global citizens, and share with each other the solutions to the problems that are the most important to them.

The curriculum in Health and PE was created from the ground up to specifically meet the needs of the students, align, supplement, and support the high school curriculum, and align with the state and national standards.

I have presented at several conferences at the state and regional level. Additionally, I take the time to attend several PDs during the school year, and this past summer spent 35 hours on professional development.

My assessments, including student presentations/projects, and cognitive tests created are based on the standards.

I have presented at several Shape America (EDA) and Shape Delaware conferences since I became a member in 2005, I have also attended multiple conferences since I became a member in 2005.

I created the curriculum to align with the high school curriculum and align with the state and national standards.
My M.Ed is in a Health Education related field.

I create opportunities for parent involvement in my school and program. I have sat on panels regarding LGBT+ issues, and organized a community screening of “Gender Revolution” at CCSA. I work at the YMCA, and I am looking forward to singing in the choir at St. Thomas the Apostle in Wilmington, DE.

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