Outstanding Future Professional Award


EDA/AAHPERD is pleased to announce the Outstanding Future Professionals’ Program. This is an exciting opportunity to encourage promising undergraduate students to become involved with our organization and to recognize their accomplishments.

The Outstanding Future Professional’s Program provides each State/Territory the opportunity to select two (2) HPERD majors to participate in the program at the EDA/AAHPERD Convention. Each student selected to participate in this program will receive, 1) a housing stipend of $150.00 full participation in required events; this stipend will be awarded at the conclusion of the convention after the completion of all required activities, 2) an “Outstanding Future Professional’s Ribbon” for their name badge, 3) and a certificate of achievement.

States/Territories are encouraged to provide students with financial assistance for travel and other convention expenses if possible.


  • Students must attend a college or university within the Eastern District of AAHPERD.
  • Students must be an undergraduate majoring in an HPERD discipline.
  • Students must be a current member of his/her state HPERD Association & a student member of AAHPERD. Documentation of AAHPERD membership will be required to attend the EDA Convention.
  • A two year active membership in the State/Local HPERD Association is suggested, but not required
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.00 (4.00 = A).
  • Academic achievement other than grade point average.
  • Participation in HPERD organizations.
  • Involvement in University organizations
  • Contributions to their Major Department.
  • Contributions to the Community
  • Professional potential/leadership qualities
  • Individual accomplishments/honors/awards.


1. States/Territories may determine their own selection process, but must comply with the minimum requirements established by EDA.

2. State/Territory HPERD organizations are responsible for selecting up to two Outstanding Future Professionals in accordance with EDA criteria and State established guidelines.

3. The State/Territory Council for Services representatives are responsible for insuring that the process for selecting the two outstanding future professionals is initiated.

4. The State/Territory Council for Services representative, student advisors, or other so designated person, shall notify the EDA Student Advisor of the name, address, phone number and email of each participant in the Outstanding Future Professional’s program by December 15.

5. Housing arrangements must be initiated and completed by each Outstanding Future Professional. As an EDA member, OFP award recipients can seek convention and hotel registration materials on the convention registration website.

6. Travel arrangements to the EDA convention must be taken care of by each student.

7. The State/Territory Council for Services representatives shall encourage their HPERD Organization to financially support their Outstanding Future Professionals for travel and other convention expenses.


1. Attend the EDA Convention. OFP students will be expected to arrive by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, and participate in the convention through the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening.

2. All OFP award recipients MUST BE AN AAHPERD member and show proof of membership prior to attendance of the EDA convention.

3. Each OFP student must make their own hotel and transportation arrangements. Award recipients are also encouraged to ask their state and/or University to contribute to their convention and travel expenses.

4. While attending the convention all OFP award recipients must attend the, 1) EDA OFP orientation; 2) EDA Student Pizza Party, 3) the Meet the Leaders Breakfast, 4) the EDA Representative Assembly, 5) the Student Evaluative Program, and 6) the EDA Awards Banquet and other designated convention activities.

5. All students are expected to dress appropriately (professional “play clothes” for participation sessions, casual attire for other sessions or socials, formal dress for the Representative Assembly and EDA Awards Banquet).

6. All OFP students are expected to act as professional role models and should demonstrate appropriate professional behavior throughout the convention.

7. Share the “convention experience” with their State/Territory/Local HPERD Associations and other students upon return from the convention. Written reports should be submitted to the State/Territory Association and EDA for their records.

8. OFP award recipients will be invited to present or preside at the next EDA convention.

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