Teacher of the Year Brenda Ferris 2017

*Supervisor of our Fitness Center- Our school was the recipient of a $100,000.00 grant for a fitness center. Dr. Baker and I wrote the grant on behalf of McCullough Middle School. Presently 480 students per week have access to the center.

*Share my past and present athletic achievements with my students- At age 58, I am still competing against athletes of all ages in top divisions of softball across the nation. Dec. 3, 2017, I will be inducted into the Delaware Softball Hall of Fame. Hopefully students see that I am truly committed to lifetime sports activities.

*Individualized Fitness Goal Setting- With my multiple sports background, I work with students to increase their ability in sports and fitness by setting goals with them in the fitness center that are tailored to their needs. *Access Community Health Partners- I personally contact and schedule innovative, research-based programs provided by outside agencies for my classes- ARC, Christiana Care Nurses, Think First, Planned Parenthood, YOLO, U of D, State Police Officers, Fire Prevention Programs, etc. )

*Follow DOE guidelines, curriculum and standards for Health education
*Constantly researching up to date data/statistics for drug/alcohol education
*Incorporate STEAM lessons for Health
*Make sure I am balanced with societal issues- aware of gender bias, cultural bias, respectful of our differences and empathetic to others

I have attended Shape America/Delaware conferences for the past 12 years. I share the knowledge, activities, programs and lessons with my colleagues and students. I improve my teaching by implementing new technologies into my lessons. Various techniques are used to keep my students engaged in learning and valuing health-related concepts.

I am a Department Leader, Team Leader, PBIS committee member, Wellness Committee Member and Community representative for Alcohol/Drug prevention. At these meetings I learn what problems we are having and help to offer solutions to these problems.

*Fitnessgram- Administer 7th grade student assessments in the Fall and Spring *Project Based Learning-require projects to be produced to demonstrate student learning *Diversified Learning Techniques-Students are encouraged to research health apps, create videos, animate cartoons, sing songs and recite poetry in my class.
*My students have produced Health Fairs for classmates as well as Health assemblies to advocate for healthy choices.

I have attended the past 12 conferences. I bring back concepts/activities/programs to my colleagues that I have learned at the conferences. (Jump Rope for Heart, Planned Parenthood training, Physical Education activities/techniques.)

As a lifelong fitness role model, I am proud to share with my students that I have never smoked or abused drugs. I strive to be a better person everyday-at school and at home. My character and integrity are of the utmost importance to me. While teaching, I encourage thoughtful decision making, self-responsibility and respect of others. I have achieved many athletic awards from Olympic athlete to weekend warrior, but my greatest achievement is making a healthy difference in the lives of my students.

*Wellness Committee Member-Colonial School District committee member. I assisted in the writing of our district wellness plan.
*School Wellness Representative – This year I will help to implement our district wellness plan at our school.
*Alzheimer’s Work- Fundraising and donating for Evergreen, an Alzheimer’s daycare
*Walked for the Cure- Alzheimer’s Walk
*Teacher Representative- Rose Hill Community Health Center Drug Prevention Committee

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