Handouts from the 2018 Conference

PRESENTER: Kerry Lubin, Education Consultant Flaghouse, Inc. New Jersey

“Let’s Work Together!”

DESCRIPTION: Cooperative activities designed for team building, fun, and fitness. These activities use minimal equipment and maximum participation while engaging students to work together as a team toward a goal.

Let’s Work Together Some More

DESCRIPTION: More cooperative activities to build social skills and unity among students. Using activities to get students to “think outside the box.”
These activities also include movement and fitness skills. Activities
also use minimal equipment and maximum participation. Come play together
and let’s have fun while we work together!

“Philly Phanatic Phitness”

DESCRIPTION: Fast, fun fitness activities including instant activities, health
related physical activities and games to support skills. Activities are
done with minimal equipment and maximum participation


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Philly Phanatic Phitness II Delaware 2018
Let’s Work Together! II
Let’s Work Together! I Delaware 2018
Fortune Cookie Exercises Delaware Dances 2018
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