Handouts from the 2017 Conference

“Big Soda and Its’ Impact on Health”

PRESENTER: Marianne Carter

DESCRIPTION:  Sugar-sweetened beverages are a leading contributor to the obesity epidemic, especially in children. These beverages (soda, sweet tea, sports drinks) are the number one source of added sugars in the American diet. In addition to obesity, consumption has been linked to many illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Sugary beverages are cheap, produced and served in large portions, available just about everywhere, and marketed relentlessly by “Big Soda”. Attend this session and hear about a grassroots campaign to reduce sugary beverage consumption – and how you can get involved.

SHAPE – Big Soda’s Impact on Health

“Using Physical Activity to Close the Achievement Gap”

PRESENTER: Cristina Valcarcel-Mitijanic

DESCRIPTION: A variety of techniques and strategies will be discussed to show how teachers can incorporate physical activity into their classrooms to improve time spent being physically active in ways to support academic achievement and help to close the academic achievement gap.

Using Physical Activity to Close the Achievement Gap – Slides used for presentation

“Lacsal, the NEW Introduction to Lacrosse, Affordable, Easy and Quality”


DESCRIPTION: Lacsal, The New Learning game to teach kids the fundamentals of Lacrosse with sound, quality equipment, lesson plans and a vision.


Special Shape Delaware Pricing

No code, just email or call to work up a school specific quote.

2017 shape delaware conference pricing


Lacsal How To 2017

“Ed Camp PE Class – A New Model of Instruction”

PRESENTER:  Loriann Minka, William Penn High School

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the EdCamp PE Model is to create an experience for students that is more enjoyable; fostering a lifelong love of being physically active! The goal is for students to collaborate with each other in Physical Education in a way that leads to a deeper understanding of content and skill. Students are given more voice and choice in activities, and ways to demonstrate their learning. If Physical Education can be that “Hook” into leading a healthier lifestyle, students will continue to participate in, and advocate for meaningful physical activity long after they’ve completed an EdCamp course.

What Is An EdCamp?

Once we covered the basics of EdCampEdu I shared this Smore (google doc attached with week to week – explained it’s a rough draft and guiding my website development), and spoke about it & answer questions:

EdCamp PE Class

Then told the group they could follow the changes throughout the 18-Week trial period at my website and shared the link: Hoping to have each week as their own icons – getting started / tips / etc…: 

WPPE Webiste for EdCamp 

Google Doc Rough Draft – Looking for Comments and Collaboration if anyone is interested.

2nd Presentation was about SeeSaw – Here is the link to a great new tool. It has PD once you sign-up. It’s Free!

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