2021 SHAPE Delaware High School  Physical Education Teacher of the Year – Emilio Perry

Exemplifying personal health and fitness,enjoyment of activity, sportsmanship, and sensitivity of all students is what I strive to do each day– to best serve as a positive role model that epitomizes these important qualities. As a health and physical educator, and coach, it is vital to demonstrate personal health and fitness so my students and athletes

understand the daily commitment and sacrifices necessary to achieve and maintain overall wellness. Students and athletes are highly impressionable; therefore, as an educator, it’s critical that we lead by example and inspire our students to be the best they can be. I will typically eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables as a snack throughout the day and my students will often ask me, “why are you eating that apple or broccoli?”. This leads to a deeper conversation about selecting foods that provide quality nutrition. In addition, I actively engage in most of the activities with my students to encourage them, to provide guidance, to foster enjoyment of activity, sportsmanship and to cater to the needs of all my students. My students enjoy it when I actively get

involved in any activities and this improves our rapport with each other. I am able to establish trust and fortitude that goes beyond any lesson objective, and this provides the foundation needed for success. I am able to reach each student at their level and they better understand my purpose as their teacher.

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