Undergraduate Scholarship Award Application

The Form at the Bottom of this Page Must be Printed

— along with all of the required documentation, and mailed as a packet to:

Shape Delaware at PO Box 1639 Dover, DE, post marked by September 17



1. Any undergraduate student completing their sophomore, junior, or senior year at a Delaware College or University, who is enrolled as a FULL TIME student in a teacher preparation program in dance education, health education, physical education, recreation or athletics is considered eligible. Each year two recipients will be selected to receive $250.

2. The applicant shall hold a current G.P.A. of 3.0 or better, computed on a four point system.

3. The applicant shall show evidence of leadership qualities in the community and extracurricular participation.


1. Complete this official application form.

2. Two sealed letters of recommendation.

a. One letter from a member of the physical education staff of the high school.

b. One letter from a school staff member outside of the department of physical education.

3. Letter written by you (the undergraduate student), stating clearly your qualifications for the scholarship for which you are applying. In this letter, describe your plans for a career, community activities, awards and other recognitions, and any other pertinent information.

4. An OFFICIAL SEALED College/University transcript.

This application form must be filled out in full and submitted by the applicant. The supporting materials (two letters of recommendation, student support letter and official transcripts) are mailed to:

Shape Delaware Awards Committee Chair, PO Box 1639, Dover DE 19903


1. Completed applications will be reviewed by the Shape Delaware Honors and Awards Committee.

2. Award recipients will be notified upon acceptance.

3. Recognition of the scholarship will be made at the annual Shape Delaware convention awards banquet. Attendance to the banquet is strongly encouraged.

Questions regarding this form? E-mail: president@shapedelaware.org

Mail your completed packet to: Shape Delaware.org Awards Committee Chair, PO Box 1639, Dover DE 19903

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