TOY Award 2020 – Michael Alverio

Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Michael Alveri

As a Physical Education teacher, I believe in a wellness life for myself, because If am in self-care, I can be a positive role model to my students. My aim is to be able to have my students enjoy and want to do physical activity. Have them understand the benefits that come with doing physical activity and becoming a wellness life time learner, my mission is to send this message clear, realistic and durable, this is why I must be a positive and real example. This is why I create physical activities with my students to have them experience the passion. In conclusion am consistently reinforcing positives attitudes and behavior. Here are some activities that I develop this past year:<br /> – Implementation of the “Kids Heart Challenge” – Implementation of the “Turkey trot, run, walk or jog marathon” – Created the teachers “Biggest Loser Challenge” – Incorporation of technology, other subject area integration and music in the classroom – Implementation of the “Fun Day” – Created the students ” Stay Active Virtual Challenge” – Peer classroom student coaching – Creation of the After-School Program – Cooperative Games – Fitness skill base games.

In my classes I used different types of teaching methodologies to obtain the best results and try to address the individual needs. I mainly focus on the students and have them be the pivot of interest, however at times I use direct instruction. 1. Direct teaching- I use this when instructing a specific movement or skill. 2. Indirect or student centered teaching- This is of my preference due to student learning and overall comprehension of material and measures student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group activities and class participation. 3. Exploration Movement- This offer the students the opportunity of various objects and materials in which they can experiment and come out with their own conclusions and problem solve themselves. The students perform physical activities, hands-on experiences, role-play, building and cooperative activities. Though a great way to keep students engaged and, at times, simply awake.

For the curriculum to be balanced and sequential, my objectives and activities are align with the State Physical Education Standards, this way I offer my students the necessary knowledge, skills and activities so they can make good choices in their lives. The activities I provide are developmentally appropriated, age related and sequential in which the students can inquiry with their body with instrumentals, assume roles, practice leadership, practice basic rules of social-emotional behavior, and at the same time have enjoyment. To acquire this, I promote the following activities: 1. Age related and sequential motor and non-motor skill development activities. 2. Age related and sequential manipulative activities. 3. Games of low organization. 4. Rhythmical activity and dance 5. Activity and Pre-sport games 6. Recreational Games 7. Physical Fitness activity 8. FitnessGram 9. Game Appreciation 10. Tactical Awareness 11. Making appropriate decisions 12. Skill execution 13. Game participation.Post navigation

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