TOY Award 2018 – Alyssa Welsh

I believe I serve as a very positive role model in regards to health, fitness, activity, and sportsmanship. I pride myself on building relationships with all students at a variety of levels. These relationships help me to build a positive and safe environment for students to learn. My program reinforces the importance of health and fitness to a students’ daily life. I set high expectations of participation and respect for all students, which allows me to teach and provide practice for a variety of exercises and physical activity. My goal is for students to leave my class with more knowledge and practice so they can implement physical activity into their everyday life leading them towards being physically active for a lifetime. Ultimately, my passion for exercise and nutrition is a strong example for my students. I strive for them to find their own passion for being physically active for a lifetime.

As a physical education teacher, my main focus is encouraging students to be physically active for a lifetime and providing them with the resources they will need to implement activity into their daily life. The physical education curriculum provides me the opportunity to implement a variety of teaching practices. In physical education, I am able to teach to all styles of learning. Auditory and visual instructions are a constant in my teaching style. I honor the integrity of our program and reach my goals by providing as much time as possible for students to participate and play. Kinesthetic learners are incredibly successful in the gym setting. I provide students with individual skill practice, partner and small group skill development, and when appropriate large-sided games. I have worked tirelessly to increase the equipment in our program so that each student has what they need and wait time is minimal. These different scenarios allow me to reach all students for feedback throughout each unit and encourage them to become lifelong learners.

The warm up routines and fitness components of each of our units allows students to gain real life skill practices and experiences. These components allow students to practice a variety of exercises and activities that they can utilize for a lifetime.

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