Teacher of the Year Eric Armstrong 2016

Eric Armstrong 2016

Middle School Physical Education at McCullough Middle School

I believe that it is important to practice what you preach.  I jump right in with my students during activities to show them I’m not asking them to do anything that I wouldn’t.  This helps me to build bonds with students so that I can build relationships outside the classroom.   I am constantly encouraging them to reach their potential, especially if they don’t enjoy an activity.  I explain to them it is important to develop good habits now, so they don’t have to try and change their habits down the road. We often discuss good character traits and the qualities of being a good person.

Physical Education allows us the opportunity to use various teaching methodologies. While we can provide written or lecture information, like they get in normal classroom settings, we also get to use a hands on approach to learning. Physical Education provides the opportunity to perform and experience to learn. They see, first hand, how a small tweak in movement or form changes a result and its immediate. The use, and access, of technology now allows us to be more creative than ever. I use both, hands on and written/lecture information, to meet the learning needs of my students as much as possible.

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