Session Handouts 2015 Conference

Presenter Handouts from the 2015 Conference Sessions

PRESENTER: Mr. Chip Candy, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey

Chip Candy Handouts DAHPERD 2015

PRESENTER: Mr. John Smith, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey

Jump rope activities brought to a new level. This is a full activity session focusing on short rope, long rope, heavy ropes, super long ropes, Chinese Jump Rope skills and challenges. Skills include individual, partner, team and class challenges from simple to out of this world. Come Jump with us.

Jump Jump Jump Handout 2015

Jump rope catagories 2015

PRESENTER: Dr. Joanne Margaret Hynes-Hunter

Integrating Health & Nutrition

Participants of this HANDS-ON ACTIVE session will learn how to increase student’s health & nutrition knowledge by engaging in games, activities AND assessments focusing on appropriate practices, concepts for infusing health and nutrition content, and improving fitness. Upon completion of this session attendees will: (1) have a range of effective teaching methods and strategies relative to teaching all students; and (2) have hands-on activities and standards-based authentic assessments.

PRESENTER: John Smith, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey

Small Sided Games handout 2015

This very active session will have participants involved in small-sided games with high-energy expenditure, total team involvement, tactical decision-making and opportunities to use skill and strategies. Small-sided games offer teachers and students time to develop team strategy meetings, fast restarts, offense and defense, and game skills. This is not your typical 3 on 3 all play at once games. Tchoukball, Team Handball, Pillow Polo and more.

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