Delaware Physical Education Association (initial association in 1929)

Year: President:
1929 Whitney T. Michaels (Caesar Rodney)
1930 Major P. S. Prince (appointed permanent Chairman)
1932-1939 George Hendricks

(In 1936 there were 30 members)

Physical Education and Health Education Association (name changed in 1937)

1937 D. Kenneth Steers (first Constitution)
1945 16th Annual Business meeting
– executive secretary – George Ayers (Dept. of Education)
1959 Edgar Crest (Milton High School)
1960 ? AAHPER – 75 years
1961 Grace Harrison (William Penn High School)
1962 Jay Widdwes (Brandywine High School)
1963 A. Bruce Frederick
1964 William Santo (Newark High School)
1965 Elizabeth G. Stewart (Mount Pleasant Jr. High School
1966 Robert H. George III (DeLaWarr High School)
1967 Janet Pholeric (University of Delaware)
1968 Carolyn M. Ives (Lewis High School)
1969 William Breslin (University of Delaware)
1970 John King (Forward Jr. High School)
1971 Warren Emery
1972 Julia Julian (University of Delaware)
1973 Harrison Watson (University of Delaware)
1974 Dr. Tim Brown (University of Delaware)
Note: Frank Jelich – State Supervisor of Physical Education
1975 Mary Ann Hitchens (University of Delaware)
1976 Dr. James Kent (University of Delaware)
1977 Avis L. Vaught (Wilmington High School)
1978 Dr. James Kent (President-elect Roger Hunt resigned, President Avis Vaught transferred out of State).
1979 ?? Jack O’Neil (University of Delaware)
1980 ?? Janet Smith (University of Delaware)
1981 ??
Note: Dance added to association name (AAHPERD)
State name – Delaware AHPERD
1982 Stan Borowski (Pilot School)
1983 Barbara Viera (University of Delaware)
1984 Ann McNeil (University of Delaware)
1985 Annette Hubbard (William Henry Middle School)
1986 Virginia Redmond (University of Delaware)
1987 Mary Wyche (Delaware State College)
1988 Avis L. Vaught (Sanford School)
Note: First fall business dinner for teacher attendance in-service credit
DAHPERD Newsletter
1989 Avis L. Vaught (Sanford School) President-elect Gary Sailes Transferred out of State
Note: Dr. M. Dean Betts – State Supervisor for Physical Education First fall Teachers
Conference including Health & Physical Education (St. Marks HS)
1990 John Schuster (University of Delaware)
Note: June date for President change
Executive Director – Avis L. Vaught
1991 Carol Tasca (Christiana High School)
1992 Chris Stranahan (Wilmington High School)
Note: Pulse Check Newsletter
1993 Janice Bibik (University of Delaware)
1994 Lee Raymond (Padua)
1995 Lee Raymond (Padua)
1996 Dr. David Barlow (University of Delaware)
1997 Dr. Doris Wooledge (Delaware State University)
1998 Mark Davis (Independence School)
1999 Angela Shorter (Delaware State University)
2000 Dr. Steve Goodwin (University of Delaware)
2001 Deborah Wilson (Downes Elementary School)
2002 James Powell (Lake Forest High School)
2003 James Powell (Lake Forest High School)
2004 John Ray (Delaware Department of Education Supervisor of Physical Education)
Note: Angela Shorter – Executive Director
2005 Sandra Kupchick ( Brandywine High School)
2006 Sandra Kupchick ( Brandywine High School)
2007 Sandra Kupchick ( Brandywine High School)
2008 Cary Wolfgang (Stevenson House Detention Center)
2009 Cary Wolfgang (Stevenson House Detention Center)
2010 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)
2011 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)
2012 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)
2013 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2014 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2015 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2016 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2017 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2018 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

2019 Dr. Robert Martin (Delaware State University)

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