Annual Convention of 2016

The Delaware Association for Health, Physical  Education, Recreation and Dance 2016 Annual Convention! 1929-2016

Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate!


DAHPERD Teachers of the Year

Elementary School Physical Education – Arden Miller, Wilson Elementary School
Middle School Physical Education – Eric Armstrong, McCullough Middle School
High School Physical Education – Loriann Minka, William Penn High School
Adapted Physical Education – Frank Hughes, Appoquinimink Early Childhood Center
Middle School Health Education – Katie Marianiello, Newark Charter School

Conference Student Leaders

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21 Presentations

1 “Philly Phanatic Phitness!”

PRESENTER: Kerry Lubin, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey
PRESIDER: Michelle Lammers, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: Activities and Games for fun and fitness presented by Kerry Lubin, the Philly Hatman. Kerry is a long time legendary physical
education teacher in Philly and brings his wealth of experience and knowledge into his awesome workshops and sessions. Kerry is a national presenter with a unique spin on teaching and how kids learn. Come join Kerry in his Delaware Debut for Phanatic Phitness and Phun Philly style.

2 Lacsal, the NEW Introduction to Lacrosse, Affordable, Easy and Quality

PRESIDER: Kasey Fry, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: Lacsal, The New Learning game to teach kids the fundamentals of Lacrosse with sound, quality equipment, lesson plans and a vision.

3 American Red Cross Challenge Recertification

PRESENTERs: Deb Yingling, Caesar Rodney School District
PRESIDER: Connor Chasanov, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: Participants will take the American Red Cross Challenge Recertification Course, valid for 2 years. The course begins with a multiple choice test and then the adult mannequin demonstration of CPR and AED skills. Participants should have a prior knowledge of CPR and AED skills. Skills can be reviewed to help you attain success in this course by using the Red Cross App. Open the app and review the ‘unconscious not breathing section. Fee for this class is $25 cash to be paid to the instructor prior to taking the test.

4 Engaging Family and Community in Physical Activity

PRESENTER: John Ray, 1st Tee Golf, Charma Bell, 1st Tee Golf
Executive Director, and Susan Herr, YMCA Dover Executive Director
PRESIDER: Mya Alston, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: This session will inform participants of the opportunities available for a variety of activities offered from: The YMCA of Delaware, The First Tee Program, and The First Tee School Program, a curriculum-based model. Participants will engage with the community leaders and also learn through the interaction and hands on experience of sample activities that will enhance the opportunities for each of their students. Life skills and core values will be included in many of the offerings presented.

5 “The Best of the Jersey Boys Plus a Philly Cheese Steak!”

PRESENTER: John Smith, Chip Candy and Kerry Lubin, Education
Consultants FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey
PRESIDER: Izzie Lucia, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: Chip Candy and John Smith bring in Kerry Lubin, the Philly Hatman! into this session on creative activities for elementary and middle school physical education teachers. The session will include a little dance, adventure, problem solving, fitness and innovative equipment for the creative side of your teaching style.

6 Rookie (Flag) Rugby – A Game America is Falling in Love With

PRESENTER: Bob Weir – USA Rugby
PRESIDER: Ally Taylor, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: Rookie (Flag) Rugby is sweeping the US. Rugby was back in the 2016 Olympics and USA won Gold the last time it was included. This resentation begins with the benefits to the participants and ends with a hands on demonstration of the “game that they play in heaven”. Join International Rugby Board Trainer, Bob Weir and Staff from USA Rugby for this presentation that might help start one of your student’s pathway to the Olympics.

7 How You Can Help Special Olympics!

PRESENTER: Jon Buzby, Special Olympics Delaware
PRESIDER: Gabe Rivera, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: This session will cover how the physical and health educators can make a difference in the lives of children and adults with individual disabilities, in their schools and in their communities, now and in the future.

8 Students as Officials; Using Them in Physical Education Classes and as a Life Skill

PRESENTER: Thomas Neubauer, Delaware Interscholastic Athletics Association
PRESIDER: Miranda Lutz, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: Attendees will be presented with the rules and mechanics of officiating the sports of; baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, and volleyball. They will be shown how to instruct their students in the basics of being a sports official. They will be able to use these trained students as officials in their physical education classes. Links to national and local organizations will be presented. The steps a person needs to take to become an interscholastic sports official will be presented. The value of officiating as a life skill will be presented and discussed.

9 Tried and True Health Education Techniques

PRESENTER: Karen Edwards, University of Delaware
PRESIDER: Kayleigh Leschinski, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: Come and participate in a variety of interactive and effective skill-based health activities. Techniques will demonstrate how teachers can increase student involvement while guiding them to take personal responsibility for their health decisions. Participants will be “students” as these activities are demonstrated.

10 “The Hatman’s Hottest Activities!”

PRESENTER: Kerry Lubin, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey
PRESIDER: Nick Spadafino, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: Kerry “The Hatman Lubin” is excited to present his hot Philly activities that he has used in his fantastic teaching career in downtown Philly. There is no one that can do it better with dance, fitness and skills. We think he has a different hat for every lesson! Hats off to the Hatman!

11 USTA Tennis is Fun in Physical Education

PRESENTER: Kelly Resero, USTA-Middle States
PRESIDER: Kevin Clavier, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: Achieve your school’s health and wellness goals through tennis! No courts are required and schools can effectively offer PE with tennis sized right for age and ability. Come ready to play and learn tips and tricks to keep kids moving and having fun. Introduce your students to TENNIS – a sport for a lifetime!

12 Concussion in Sports

PRESENTER: Deb Yingling, Caesar Rodney School District
PRESIDER: Matt Hess, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: The NFHS has teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. This course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion. Each state’s requirements for concussion management are included as part of the course.

13 Raising Awareness About Mental Health Through the State of Delaware

PRESENTER: Geeta Kotak, Delaware CORE
PRESIDER: Jenna Hayes, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: 1 out of 5 youth and young adults will experience mental illness in their lifetime, and many of these young people will not receive reatment for their mental health concerns, due to lack of knowledge or stigma. Because of the onset of serious mental illness during adolescent years is common, as is resistance to utilizing mental health resources, more adults are disabled by mental illness than any other type of disability worldwide. Delaware CORE strives to raise awareness about preventing mental health problems, and getting treatment early.

14 “Giant Games for Giant Success and Fun!”

PRESENTER: John Smith, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey
PRESIDER: Tyler Hoffrage, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: John is back and will present a super session on how to use Giant Games in your curriculum. The session will include Giant Tic Tac Toe, Cup Stacking, The Giant Tower of Fitness, Connect the Dots, Tenzi and Spoons. These are great games for upper elementary through high school that are creative, competitive and cooperative.

15 All Included: Making Games More Inclusive

PRESENTER: Dr. Steve Groccia, Wesley College
PRESIDER: Colin Miller, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: This active presentation is designed to take traditional, and often developmentally inappropriate, games/activities and make them more inclusive for all participants. Rather than limiting activity time, eliminating participants, or failing to meet the needs of “non-athletes”, flip your elementary and/or middle school physical education program into a positive, inclusive environment with these skill-themed activities.

16 Using FitnessGram Results for Improvement

PRESENTER: Mike Connors, Cape Henlopen High School
PRESIDER: Guillermo Delgado, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: Our presentation discusses how Cape Henlopen High School is currently using FitnessGram results as a form of data management and an analysis tool to support our Physical Education Curriculum. Our assessment results drive our measures target associated with Component 5 of the Education Evaluation System for the State of Delaware.

17 Incorporating Health and Wellness Into School Improvement Plans

PRESENTER: Janet Ray, Department of Education (retired) and Robinette Bacon
PRESIDER: Kevin Jones, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: Using a collaborative approach that supports the Whole School, Whole Community, and the Whole Child, this session provides an opportunity to address health and physical activity and other behavioral health priorities in your school improvement plan. Changes in federal guidance in ESSA, now include Health and Physical Education. Participants will be encouraged to update wellness policies and share resources to increase students’ academic achievement. This session will update you on the latest information and prepare you to be an advocate at the local level. All grade levels are welcome!

18 “It’s an Adventure!”

PRESENTER: Chip Candy, Education Consultant FlagHouse, Inc. New Jersey
PRESIDER: Miranda Lutz, Wesley College
DESCRIPTION: Chip is excited to continue his series on Adventure Activities for all grade levels. Included will be more cooperative and adventure games
that infuse teamwork and problem-solving into your classes. No one does it better than Chip and his sessions are always adventurous.

19 Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in PE Through the Use of Foam Coated Balls

PRESENTER: George Blessing, ADA Sports and Racket
PRESIDER: Ally Taylor, University of Delaware
DESCRIPTION: The workshop focuses on fostering critical and creative thinking skills in the PE classroom while reinforcing fitness, motor skill
development and coordination, as well as socialization enrichment. Activities involve using foam coated balls as a means to demonstrate that foam coated balls may indeed be used for activities that are developmentally appropriate within the PE setting. Participatory activities will provide attendees with skills, drills and games to enable your students to experience meaningful and enjoyable learning opportunities.

20 Thinking Outside the Box For Student Success With Multiple Disabilities

PRESENTER: Krisindo Alberto, John G. Leach School
PRESIDER: Mya Alston, Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: In this session we will talk about tips, tricks, ideas and strategies for student success.

21 Achieving Functional Fitness Through Motor Dynamics

PRESENTER: Nirmal Rathee, Delaware State University
PRESIDER: Michele Lammers , Delaware State University
DESCRIPTION: We all have the right to draw healthful benefits of exercises and lead a quality life, but our contemporary lifestyle prevents us from
reaching wellness centers or recreation facilities. Cardio routines and joint exercises all can have their place in our fitness program, but with the limited amount of time that we all can dedicate to a wellness program, we need to make our body capable of handling real-life situation and perform real-life activities in real-life positions by training our body the way we intend to have it play. In this session, new fitness frontiers will be explored by combining motor activities with perceptual motor skills to enhance our functional efficiency.

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