2021 SHAPE Delaware Elementary School Physical Education Teacher of the Year – Matt Farina

Enthusiasm. Passion. Humor. Care. Love. Stability. All qualities my students need and yearn for on a daily basis and yet all qualities I take pride in providing. On a daily basis I come across hallways filled with 500 or more smiling faces. Some come to school looking for guidance, some look for support and guidance, and some simply look for attention and love. I strive to be the “whatever” they are looking for. Not only do I consider myself a professional educator in the classroom, but I take pride in being a positive role model outside of the gymnasium doors as well. Whether it is at a dance recital, a little league game, race, or swim meet, you can often catch me going above and beyond to truly getting to know my students and making an impact on their lives. I am a little league softball and baseball coach, continue to play and officiate in adult sports activities, and promote physical fitness and healthy eating throughout my daily endeavors.I am the

definition of the saying “practice what you preach.” I live a healthy and active lifestyle and I portray that to my students on any given day. I give them knowledge of games, activities, and exercises that they can carry with them outside of my classroom. I provide them with an understanding of the importance of a healthy well-being and Iorganize events that lead to their success. I simply strive to be that teacher that made an impact, was passionate about their students, and someone who went above and beyond to instill lifelong lessons and qualities in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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