Call for Proposals

Complete the ONLINE form below by September 17, 2021.

We are looking for both in-person presentations and virtual, due date September 17th, 2021

Call For Proposals Form

The Shape Delaware annual convention is designed to provide Shape Delaware members the opportunity to share instructional ideas with their colleagues.


1. Submit each proposal on a separate form. Once received, an acknowledgement will be sent to the lead presenter.

2. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

3. Delaware presenters must be current members of Shape Delaware. Out-of-state presenters must be current members of their state Shape America association.

4. No presenter will be paid or received an honorarium, unless written notification and confirmation has been made by the Shape Delaware office.

5. Each presenter must register and pay convention fees unless written notification and confirmation has been received stating that these fees were being waived by the Shape Delaware office.

6. Shape Delaware Convention presentations are for the purpose of sharing information that assists members to fulfill their roles as professionals. It is inappropriate for presenters to use presentations to directly solicit sales of products or service contracts, unless that privilege has been contracted through the Shape Delaware office in the form of an agreement. Presenters who use their presentations as a platform to directly solicit sales of products or service contracts will not be allowed to present at any future Shape Delaware conferences.

7. Presenters must provide their own computers, LCD projectors, and physical education equipment.

8. Please do not submit a proposal unless you are prepared to actually make a presentation and will be able to appear during the convention day.

9. The convention program, Shape Delaware membership and conference registration can be found on the Shape Delaware website at:

10. All proposals must be aligned with the Delaware State Standards (Health, Physical Education or Dance). Proposals submitted without this alignment will not be considered. Links for these Content Standards can be found at Delaware Department of Education

11. All presenters must submit a copy of all handout materials which must be in Word or PDF file format, require 1 inch margins all around, & in 12 pt font. If music is a part of your program, you must include a list of the music (song title and artist). All information must be properly referenced (author, year, title, publisher, city). Because of copyright laws, the handout information must be written in your own words and with your own illustrations. Please be advised your colleagues could reproduce the material provided. Therefore, we are not accepting any copyrighted material. Submit the handout to by September 17.

12. Place a check mark in the box below to acknowledge your agreement to the following statement: “To avoid no shows, all confirmed presenters need to preregister for the conference”.

Please complete this Call for Proposal form and submit by September 17.

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Include how and which Delaware State Standards will be addressed for this presentation (Go to Delaware Department of Education for the Delaware State content standards)
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Provide a brief synopsis of your and other presenters expertise related to the subject area of your presentation such as educational background, professional experience and presentations, current and previous employers (no word limit).