Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

Complete this application by September 17.

Questions regarding this form? Email: dahperdpres@dahperd.org

Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

1. Elementary Physical Education

2. Middle School Physical Education

3. High School Physical Education

4. Adapted Physical Education

5. Health Education

6. Dance Education

The DAHPERD Award Committee solicits TOY nominations from DAHPERD members. Any DAHPERD member who has not previously received a Teacher of the Year Award is eligible to apply or be nominated. Nominations are due by September 17. Once a DAHPERD Member has nominated a potential TOY using this nomination form, the DAHPERD Award Committee contacts and verifies the nominee\’s commitment to apply for the TOY award. The nominee has until September 20 to complete the TOY Award Application (http://shapedelaware.org/forms

The criteria for the DAHPERD TOY award is as follows: The nominee:

1. Must have a minimum of five years teaching experience in a Delaware State public or private K-12 school.

2. Serves as a positive role model epitomizing personal health and fitness, enjoyment of activity, sportsmanship, and sensitivity to the needs of students.

3. Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences.

4. Conducts a balanced and sequential curriculum.

5. Assumes responsibility for his/her professional growth.

6. Uses Delaware State\’s Physical Education &/or health standards to authentically assesses student growth and development.

7. Evidences professional commitment through involvement in local, state, and national organizations.

8. Participates in community service.

9. Is a current member of DAHPERD and AAHPERD (Must join AAHPERD if selected as a DAHPERD TOY. Refer to http://www.aahperd.org for more information).

Complete this application form BEFORE September 17 for the nominee to be considered for this year’s TOY award.

The nominee must complete the TOY Application Form (on the DAHPERD web site) by September 20.

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